Our Charity Partner

We are glad to announce that Flying Fox will be our charity partner for our opening four draws.

The aim of Flying Fox is to create social equality for children living with a disability and young adults by bringing fun into their lives. To tackle social isolation and create a sense of belonging for people with disability, whilst also raising awareness to shift attitudes and perspectives on disability.

This is achieved by running specialised camps to encourage children and young adults living with a disability to interact and have fun in a safe space. There are currently three camps on offer, each ranging in duration and demographic. For the biggest camp, there are 30 children present, with over 70 support staff to ensure children feel safe and supported.

Further to the camps, Flying Fox also runs multiple remote weekly catch ups between buddies and children to keep them engaged and in good spirits. An educational suite of programs has also been developed and delivered in schools to drive inclusion and awareness for children living with disability.

We are touched by the selfless work that Flying Fox is doing, and we are proud to work alongside them.